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  • Complete conformity to Halakha, with the understanding that those who may not totally conform today are still deserving of our respect and assistance.

  • All Rabbis, whether they are within our community or without, are entitled to Kabod HaRab: a certain level of Rabbinical respect.

  • Lecturers, teachers, authors of written material distributed within the synagogue and guests of the synagogue are entitled to the same respect.

  • We stand strongly in favor of secular education beyond high school and recognize the value in creating a Jew who can appreciate all of God's work.

  • We see God's hand in the establishment of the State of Israel and respect its leaders whether they adhere to Torah or not.

  • We believe that a Jew should be involved with society around him/her and in doing so sanctify what he/she comes into contact with, rather than avoid society at large. Torah is always paramount but is only fully expressed when it is implemented in the world at large.

  • We believe that a full Torah life is one which combines Torah learning with misvot and with a livelihood.

  • We respect the truth from wherever it may come and do not reject people's opinions out of hand, even though we may find their beliefs and lifestyle objectionable.

  • We respect all community institutions, even those that have philosophies different from our own.

  • We respect and abide by the laws of this great country, the United States of America. We recognize compliance with all applicable law is in itself a commandment of the Torah and incumbent on us as Jews and citizens.

Our Principles: Our Values
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