About Us

The Minyanim

Main Minyan
Under the leadership of RabbiYehuda Ari Azancot, Congregation Beth Torah’s Main Minyan features world renown Sephardic Cantors Yehezkel Zion and Isaac Cabasso.  Housed in its historical main sanctuary, built in 1968, and accommodating over 400 worshippers, men and women, the synagogue’s daily, Shabbat, holiday and special services are nothing less than glorious and enriching.  Inspiring sermons and divrei Torah are beautifully delivered by our rabbis and prayers are run by a dedicated group of volunteer mesadrim.  The minyan is the perfect place to bring guests family, to celebrate happy occasions and to stay involved with the shul’s programming and events.

Youth Minyan
For over 30 years, the Youth Minyan has been led by none other than Rabbi Shimon Cohen. His love for teaching children remains the same now as it has than. Walk in on any Shabbat morning and you will see that inspiration on the children and parents faces. The minyan has produced many leaders in the community and we are proud to say Rabbi Cohen had a hand in it.

Father Son Minyan
A Shining star for the synagogue, is the Father Son Minyan, run by Joey Mizrachi. I n this minyan the children are taught to read with proper sephardc-Halabi pronunciations and enjoy our heritage, at the same time have fun.

Young Beth Torah
Young Beth Torah is a program geared towards the young adults of our Qahal. It is YBT’s goal to provide a Shabbat minyan for our teenagers in which they can participate in the running of the tefillot, as well as assume leadership positions. It is also our mission to provide programs throughout the year, in which our young adults can socialize in a conducive and healthy atmosphere. Those events include learning initiatives, Shabbat programs, holiday celebrations and social trips. At YBT, we strive to cultivate our young adults and their talents, insuring the future success of our Qnis.

Girls Program
We currently are running 2 successful girls programs in our Synagogue. The first program is run by Mrs. Noa Stern, from ages 4- 10 years old, which focuses on tefila and Perashat Hashabua. For the older 11-13 year old girls, we started a new program with Ms. Sally Varon, as a group tefila and a learning program. If your daughter has not attended any of the above mentioned programs, they don’t know what they are missing.